Ramblings #1

These are a series of tweets I made on my personal account and I’m compiling them here because I hate blogging on twitter.

Text in blue means additional stuff aside from the original tweets.

Some people aren’t really looking at the bigger picture why companies here can get away with fucking over workers with contracts.

if they tell Duterte to do something like an absolute order to stop those, that would actually make him a dictator and companies would probably fold.

Right now, companies can get away with shitty employment practices because most job seekers are desperate and they know these people have nowhere else to turn to.

Companies hand over 6-month (or so) job contracts so they can get around providing work benefits.

imo, a better solution is to introduce more employment options. Allow more businesses to come in this country by improving the ease of doing business.

But too bad that requires changing a part of the constitution and guess what happened to previous attempts of doing so…

If I recall, those who attempted to do so were demonised and accused of inserting provisions in the constitution to extend their power/term. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, the constitution prohibits foreign companies from owning more than 40% of a business and 60% should go to a Filipino partner. Then there are certain industries where there’s a complete foreign ban.

Mabuti sana kung may kakagat pero kung pwede sila magbukas ng negosyo sa iba tapos 100% kanila, syempre dun sila.

Even if they own 100%, it shouldn’t be an issue. The fact when a company sets up shop somewhere, it will generate jobs.

There’s this fearmongering going around if a foreign company owns a business 100%, it is the equivalent of the workers becoming a slave to their own country.

Well, I’m desensitised to stories of OFWs getting maltreated because they go overseas searching for work but ok, go off.

It’s silly to paint this slavery-in-our-own-land-by-the-evil-foreigners narrative when some Filipinos willingly go overseas for work with no assurance of how they’ll get treated. Let’s be real if shit happens, this country doesn’t have that much bargaining power in providing care for workers who get in these conditions.

I mean, remember this issue in Kuwait? A bunch of Filipina maids were rescued from abusive employers but somehow we had to apologise to Kuwait for that. The two countries’ “diplomatic” relationship was on the line all because Kuwait doesn’t like their dirty laundry being out in the open.

So many families are broken because one (or even both) has to go overseas for work because the pay here isn’t enough to sustain their families. Makikipagsapalaran baga.

So we end up with a generation of children growing up without their parents.

Back to generating jobs, paki nyo ba kung 100% foreign-owned? If more companies set up shop and they look for workers, you’ll have more options. Imagine sila sila ung mag-aagawan sayo kesa ikaw yung desperadang magprepresenta para matanggap lang.

Yaw mo nun feeling VIP ka char

Let them generate profit for their own while they generate jobs for us, eh di happy lahat.

So pano kung can’t afford ng kumpanya ung makatarungang bayad at benepisyo? Paki ba natin eh di magsara sila, may papalit naman sa kanila–in an ideal setting where the ease of doing business is great.

I don’t usually ramble about these things on my blog but I just had to vent out somewhere. I’m tired of the gibsmedat culture these leftists screech about on the streets and social media.


1 year ago

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