Thank you Autoplay

Whenever I open YouTube to stream some music while drawing (I know, I know I’m too much of a poorfag to use Spotify), I make sure the Autoplay feature is turned off. I don’t want to hear some random cunt screaming through my ears or some degenerate shit like hentai noises.

Sometimes I do forget to disable the autoplay feature and that would lead to happy accidents.

I found a majority of songs that I can’t remember the title this way.

The kind of songs I’d remember hearing when I was 4 or 5 and I barely understood English that time.

Then there were some songs I’d occasionally hear whenever my uncle whips out his cassette collection…

Basically a lot of stuff I’ve been exposed to throughout my childhood that I can’t for the life of me remember the title because I didn’t have any means to look them up as soon as possible!

I could only remember the catchy melodies stuck in my head for more than a decade but I was too embarrassed to ask around and hum like a parrot to demonstrate.

Anyway here are some songs that made me grin like a madman upon rediscovering.

Wishful Thinking – China Crisis

For years I thought that intro melody stuck in my head was an obscure Harvest Moon bgm.

I found a different version which has a heavier synth sound and I actually prefer that over this version!

State of the Nation – Industry

Another song that caught me by the catchy intro!

I often hear this a lot while taking Jeepney rides. Plus the part where it repeats the line “There’s no place like home!” then leads to “I don’t want to be anywhere else!” is hella catchy.

When I finally heard the full song, I thought of aviation stuff and I wasn’t far off when I finally found the official music video.

Also those gated snares are 👌👌👌

Nevermind – Colors

This one was quite a surprise.

The intro was not the sound I was expecting for this song. The chorus is the only part I vividly remember until I heard the first line of the song. I had a distant memory of a show using the first line as an outro and quickly fades out before the vocals reach the second line.

I’m a bit bummed there’s an official instrumental released for this song but it seems the publishers didn’t care someone fucked up on the pressings.

The official “instrumental” can be bought on iTunes but they forgot to remove the vocals and I’m supposed to believe no one noticed since 1985.

One Way Ticket – Eruption

This one has a bit of a silly story on how it got stuck in my head.

Used to have a Nokia 3210 and it’s those “hacked” phones that doubled the phone’s capacity. The “hack” boasted 70+ ringtones from the standard 35-ish set of preloaded ringtones. I had this one tune called “Eruption” and I would have never imagined it would be this song.

Then fast forward the mid 2000s, I got into playing Ragnarok Online and I fell in love with its soundtrack. I discovered amazing remixes, particularly this retro-themed remix of Byalan dungeon’s theme by soundTemp.

The remix starts with a recap of oldies to really cement that retro feel and around 0:10 the “One Way Ticket” part was sampled.

Tarzan Boy – Baltimora

Who else found this song ‘coz of the Millennial Whoop video? I did!

But before that, I can’t believe I’m writing this here but I remember hearing this tune being played as a background music for………….boob enhancing cream.

You see when I was 7, I’d just watch home shopping TV shows for hours because I was a bored kid. One of the informercials was about some Chinese boob enhancing cream.

The music volume was turned way too low for me to remember any lyrics but I’ll never forget the woah-oh-woah-oh-woah part while playing an animation of how the cream works.

which brings me to the next post…

Self Control – Laura Branigan

Yes, it’s still related to that boob enhancing cream infomercial. This was also included in the series of songs they played at the background at low volumes.

Again, the “Oh-ho-oh” part got stuck in my head.

Telephone – Sheena Easton

I’ve fallen victim to misheard lyrics on this one.

Long! Long! This-dance! Love up there!

Little me was screaming the lyrics like that lol

This seemed to be a favourite song to cover by some singers here on variety shows. I even thought this was a Disney song at some point.

Why – Tiggy

A slowed down version of the trumpet part (sorry if I’m uncultured and I can’t tell instruments apart) was heavily played during some segments of Eat Bulaga! (a noontime variety show in the Philippines).

Usually that part serves as an intro for a scantily-clad dancer to come into the stage. I don’t know how MTRCB allowed that to fly but here we are.

Other than that, this song slaps.


and finally, while this doesn’t count towards getting rediscovered by autoplay I might as well throw it in…

The One You Love – Glenn Frey

(apparently it’s difficult to find uploads of the original version after Glenn Frey passed away, so we’ll just have to settle with covers)

hoo boy this one…

I remember kids would vocalise the intro like “tuuuuUU-ruut-tu-rut-tuuuUUuuut-tuUU-ruUUt-tUUuuut” and snicker if something even remotely sexual is brought up.

I heard this song again one night during a cold bus trip…mmm, the mood is just right ayy and it’s been driving me nuts that I couldn’t remember the song’s title.

Worse, I couldn’t make out the lyrics because they were too muffled when I heard it. Shazam or the other song detection apps couldn’t identify it.

I tried searching “sexy sax song”, “song with sax”….anything with sax god please just let me find it!

Ultimately I had to accept the shame of asking on Facebook by posting a question.

What’s that song where kids used to mimic the sax part and use it to taunt when they hint something naughty?

Someone graciously replied “The One You Love by Glenn Frey“.

Thank you.

Going to have to cut the post here otherwise it would be a novel. Maybe I’ll do another round.


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