I revived my N900 phone

Nokia n900 specs (c/o gsmarena)
Year released: November 2009

I had this phone since 2013, got it second hand for around 3000 php ($70).

Unfortunately it started breaking down around 2015 starting with the keyboard disintegrating.

At one point all the keys fell off that I had to superglue them back but that wasn’t the ideal fix.

The superglue has worn out after 4 years. The keys started falling off again when I opened the phone recently.

It had other issues such as the physical volume key not working anymore so zooming in or out of things was almost impossible to do.

This phone has a resistive touch screen so those pinch gestures you’re accustomed to on modern smartphones don’t work. But the resistive touch screen made it great for drawing as the N900 could run a port of MyPaint.

The background art was a birthday gift to me from someone in the Vocaloid fandom. (twitter: @odd_nas)

I apparently kept a calendar widget to keep track of friends’ birthdays and other important anniversaries. (censored for privacy!)

Another desktop screen. I installed a phone mod/update that enabled me to have as much as 9 screens from the default 4.

I’m having war flashbacks from that old VO bookmark.

I tried making a tweet on my N900 and it wasn’t the same anymore as it was in 2015. Twitter was barely loading and functional. It seems there’s no way to upload images anymore through this.

The same tweet viewed on Tweetdeck and Twitter web client:

I don’t think I ever managed to use a separate Twitter app for this phone. More of none of the apps for Maemo worked on my phone that time so I had to stick with the built-in browser.

Obligatory quick doodle on my N900. I absolutely love N900’s resistive screen. Creativetone’s drawing video pretty much got me sold on finding an N900.

Unfortunately the physical keyboard barely registers any keystrokes now, doodling on this phone was harder than ever so I had to be careful.

The battery life wasn’t the best but that’s expected for a phone that’s been dead for 4 years. It took some time before I could boot up the phone after plugging it to a charger.

Additionally, I made a backup of the phone’s data in case this thing dies on me for real.

This phone brings a lot of memories, would be fun to dig up some old stuff when I get the time.

I would honestly love to get another N900 but not as a main phone. I don’t think the experience will be pleasant like it was in 2015. The browser is severely outdated and it poses a huge security risk to use. If anything, I’d probably get a new one just to use as my “drawing phone” and maybe a glorified PS1 emulator. Also texting on the N900 is fucking boss.

The N900 is a great phone for hobbyists and Linux enthusiasts. I wish Nokia would release a phone like this again.

Unfortunately this phone doesn’t support 4G/LTE. 3G might be still a thing here in the Philippines but it’s terrible. (there’s still some active 2G service but let’s not talk about that)

However, the Maemo community is still active and there are still neat things you can find there.


2 years ago

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