I have a Patreon now

Actually, I had it since 2015 but I didn’t have any solid direction on how I want it to be or was not prepared how to provide something back for potential patrons.

Currently it will be a glorified tip jar and patrons get a few perks depending on the tier.

For as low as a $1, you can get early access/previews, high quality illustrations and extras.

By extras, like an alternate facial expression, phone and desktop wallpapers or anything else I can derive from the original finished illustration.

Tier $3 has the perks of the $1-tier plus access to illustration notes and progress shots.

If you want to see how I drew my pieces in detail, this is the tier. Sometimes I might write a summary on how I do things like a tutorial.

Tier $5 has the perks of all the previous tiers plus access to the illustration files.

Some notes about the illustration files:

  • You’ll need a copy of Clip Studio Paint (CSP) to view them.
  • I can’t guarantee a .PSD (Photoshop) version all the time because some parts of the illustration are dependent on specific features in CSP.
  • They’ll be downsized to minimise bootlegging but I’ll make sure they’ll be still useful and viewable.
  • Also, this will be done to save file space. My illustration files easily go up to 40-80Mb a piece. Downsized versions are usually under 10Mb.

If you like to support my works on Patreon, sign right up here.


7 months ago