Drawing a generic anime girl

You’ll be seeing this girl for a bit starting today. Who is she? Nobody, just a generic anime girl character I came up with.

There’s probably 9000 established characters that resemble her though, you just have to believe hard enough that it’s a specific character.

This is for a personal study that’s been bugging my head for a while. What exactly makes certain anime-styled drawings have that professional polish?

The sketch:

Draw process:

Note: final image was post-processed in GIMP.


Quite not happy how it came out. Making her mouth smaller was an impulse decision. I thought it looked nice on sketch but it seemed off when I was filling in the mouth colours.


I think it looks okay when zoomed in to her face but things become off once zoomed out.

It’s probably her back hair that’s giving the illusion of a bigger head, giving it an unusual bulk and just makes everything else look off.

I know it’s a meme at this point, but I personally think the sketch does have more personality in it.

And this is what I mean of seeing more of this character around. I’ll keep redrawing it until I get to that level.

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2 years ago

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