Drawing a generic anime girl #2

And we’re back again with another attempt drawing a generic anime girl. I wasn’t quite happy with the first attempt.

If you remember, this was the sketch.

And this was my finished first attempt:

A quick comparison:


I’m not happy with the result because something felt off in the final piece.

2nd attempt thoughts:

My mistake was to stray off from the initial sketch. As meme-y this sounds, the sketch had more personality in it. So this time, I made sure to get the face close to the sketch as possible.

I also made her head slimmer in contrast to the 1st attempt’s “bulky” hair/head.

Additionally, I went with thinner lineart and lighter colouring. I also did that shiny nose thing cool kids do now because anime style generally hates noses.

It’s quite a science to get anime noses right without it looking like a mole or a freakish bump.


A step up from my previous attempt. This one looks sleeker and refined.

A bit difficult to get used to the strict no-bigger-than-2px brush size while doing lineart as I’m used to 15-20px.

Although personally I’m not a fan of that delicate look trend that’s been plaguing the anime-styled art lately. But the point of this study is to draw a generic anime girl after all.

illustration source file available for $5-tier Patrons.

2 years ago

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