Ragnarok’s Got Talent 2019 Entry

Joining this year’s Ragnarok’s Got Talent again but this time with an original song composition. (Here’s my last year’s entry if anyone’s curious)

[Oct8 2019 edit] I was chosen as one of the grand winners for the Music category

[Karaoke/VSQx file/MP3 Download]


I have a dream
that I’ll get to explore
the world out there
A world that I
always thought was pretty
I’ve been told that there is
danger within
Something I must overcome
along the way

(What should I be)
I can’t decide yet!
(What should I do?)
I don’t really know!
(Just a novice~ )
But I really want to be an adventurer!


I sat down writing cheesy lyrics about a Novice and the original length was about a minute and a half.

I used Vocaloid2 for the vocals because I can’t sing. Sonika’s my only choice as she’s the only Vocaloid library I own with a cute voice.

Unfortunately, I could only polish around 40~ seconds of music but I think it’s good enough to stand on its own.Think of it as a short jingle for the moment.

I’ll consider finishing the entire thing as an extended version then release it as a full Vocaloid original song.

Here’s the art I did for the song.

I’ll be releasing the karaoke and the VSQX (vocaloid sequence file) after the contest is over for anyone interested. Updated post to include DL link above!

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