RO Log #9

Server: Chaos-Renewal (iRO)
Character of the day: Various
BGM: Not So Far Away – StudioA’

It’s been more than a  year since my last RO Log, I’m slacking off wayyyyy too bad.

Lots of things happen in-game and in real life so this post is going to be a bit different from the rest. (Now really?)

I’ll be mostly dumping random in-game snippets for now.

I got a cute hat!!

(for joining the Ragnarok’s Got Talent contest as a consolation prize last year )


I can’t believe Hatsune Miku is in RO.

I actually wonder if Crypton’s going to consider collaborating with jRO since Gravity already had a short-run Vocaloid collaboration with IA for the Taiwanese server.

I’m surprised this hasn’t been done for jRO.

ALSO, Restart server has closed some time ago so I might as well scrap those RO Log drafts when I was still playing that server oops.
And so is Classic but hey that server had a heckin’ good run for what it is.

I get a taste of VIP every now and then so whenever time allows I try to do an Octopus Cave instance run.

Managed to do a no-death run once and I dunno how I did that. The problem with this instance is I can’t stall the battle for too long because the Octopus boss will keep summoning waves of stray tentacles that have 500k HP.

The instance isn’t so rewarding itself EXP-wise but I do make bank selling the Tentacles and Squid Inks to players.

I get a few coin bags that give coins in different ranks if I’m lucky. Coins are used to enchant certain weapons but I choose to downgrade them to the smallest rank (Class E ) so I can exchange them for Cat Hand Gloves which sell a bit more in the market.

Actually, with the current value of those gloves, a single glove can buy the best weapon enchantment item (Seagod’s Anger ) from other vendors.

I also made a bunch of vendors from the Janeway event earlier this year.

I was running at least 6 clients while my husband was doing the kill counts.

Meet the Lennys!

Each Lenny sells a set of things. Click the name to view their Ragial page (also useful to see if my vends are online hehe)



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