I’m late to the party but…

and from a content creator’s perspective, I hate reading this shit on social media.

It seems like the internet has shaped itself to have this unwritten rule of you must consume content the moment it comes out or get left behind. God forbid you just get into a series a week after everyone else and their cat binged everything in one go. Because by that time, they’ve probably moved on to a shinier franchise and is probably balls deep already.

It bugs me seeing content creators needing to be apologetic on the fanworks they publish if they feel like they are “late to the party”. It also bugs me this vicious cycle of consuming media on a fast lane encourages content creators to “keep up” if they want to stay relevant.

People (particularly the consumers) can’t seem to control themselves either because they’ve become spoiled by easy accessibility. It’s almost like they willingly consume content mindlessly and the content itself becomes mindless enough to be consumed in one go.

But you can just consume it alone, at your own pace!

True, there’s always that. Maybe if you’re a modern equivalent of a castaway and the content you consume is your Wilson. People would want to talk about these things but at the same time they don’t like “old” news. If you take things at your own pace, you get left behind.

No one wants to talk to you. Your entire worth is judged by how fast you consume the same stuff they’re into. So if you want to “make friends” or don’t want to look like someone stuck in the stone ages, start doing some obligatory fast entertainment homework. Hope you don’t get burned out!

I personally hate the idea some people wrap themselves in fast entertainment as if it’s their entire personality. Props for them for never getting tired though.

Even if I’m not talking about this from a content creator’s perspective, I still detest it from a fellow consumer’s perspective.

For example, not everyone can afford games on day 1. God forbid you miss out even for the next 24 hours then it’s guaranteed to have a million retards on the internet spoiling that shit for and you can’t avoid it.

It’s almost like you have to buy a game right off the bat, get off the grid and civilisation for a month to fully enjoy a game you’re looking forward to.

I left this in my drafts for a few hours and realised I sound like a bitter loser stuck in the past when things were so hard to come by. Maybe I am.

2 years ago