Repeating Sparkle Pattern

Made a sparkle pattern for my quick background needs, now I’m sharing them.

[Get it here]

Links to Clip Studio’s assets store (don’t worry it’s free!). I rather not give a direct file download ‘coz Clip has made it stupidly complex doing a manual install of assets.

The pattern comes with transparency and each sparkle has a black outline. You can remove the outline by simply locking transparency and doing a blanket fill with your preferred colour.

What it looks like:

Another application:


Convert the pattern to raster first to enable editing. Use the “Mesh Transforming” tool to shape the position.

Add background colour if desired:

Note: I strongly suggest to lay out the pattern on a bigger canvas first then rasterise.

Patterns in Clip repeat infinitely in theory, but the selection can only cover the visible part of the pattern.

You wouldn’t want the pattern to look cropped when you directly manipulate it on a smaller area.

[Get it here]

5 years ago

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