The problem with…

…calling out content reposters is it rarely addresses the bigger problem. A good chunk of reposters are motivated by the “easy” audience they can pull with low effort reposting.

Easy likes, easy traffic. In general, these are what the reposters want. Their goal could range from simply wanting attention to something sinister like piggybacking on the traffic for personal gain–like promoting a product or service at the expense of someone else’s hard work.

Personally, I am tired of seeing call out posts against reposters on social media. Every week there is always a new post how reposters are bad and content creators are fucked over by them. I don’t think I’ve seen a take where it addresses the consumers of reposted content.

From a reposters mindset, they can just ignore your “mean words” and continue reposting business as usual. You can cry foul about them reposting your stuff but at the end of the day, they don’t care and they are fully aware of what they’re doing.

There’s an option to swiftly file a DMCA takedown but it’s double-edged as you’re outing your personal information to the reposter. Don’t assume the reposter will stop at a DMCA take down. It’s highly possible they will publicly disclose your personal information as an act of retaliation, making you open for targetted harassment.

Some reposters hide behind the excuse of them providing exposure and accessibility. Reposters would usually claim the audience wouldn’t go out of their way to look up content creators a.k.a they’re lazy so they act as a curator for said audience. An illusion of grandeur, as if most people don’t know any better and these reposters act like some content messiah.

Anyway with that rambling above, I implore the same people who share these feel-good “reposter bad” messages to try do more than that. A simple act of denying the reposter the traffic they desire could go a long way. Do not patronise accounts/sites that repost content. They thrive on people’s laziness to keep those accounts/sites running at the expense of original content creators.

Never thought I’d ramble a piece that alludes the “When the buying stops…” campaign but here we are.

4 years ago

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