V1 Activation – Last Resort

Note: If you arrive to this page, it’s likely I trust you enough to not use this for pocaloid (illegal copies). This post is hidden on my site and can be only accessed if I personally linked you this.

This is meant for a last resort kind of attempt to activate VOCALOID1

You can use this method if:

  • You ran out of activations
  • You don’t want to use up the activations
  • Lost your offline activation files
  • You’re lazy to do the activation process…

This is assuming you own a LEGAL copy of VOCALOID, please.

For this tutorial, I installed LOLA as I moved to a new laptop and forgot to reinstall her.

After installation, a prompt will pop up asking you if you want to activate. Click No.

If for some you reason you mess up the instructions. Do not worry, this will not break your PC. VOCALOID will simply just not be activated or run. Feel free to reinstall if you want to start over.

Step 1

Press [Start] and type regedit on the search bar.

Right click and Run as administrator

Step 2

Don’t be intimidated by the amount of folders you see.

Expand these folders in order:

  3. WOW6432NODE*

*If you can’t find the WOW6432NODE folder, the VOCALOID folder should be directly under SOFTWARE on some systems.

You should arrive to this


Step 3

Expand the following folders:

    • VOICE

It should look like this:

The blue checkmarks are what we need to edit. It’s easy!


Highlight the first folder and then double click INSTALLED

A window will pop up then there will be a field where you can modify the value.

Change the Value to 2 and click OK

Now do the same for the 2nd folder under APPLICATION:



At this point, we’ll be doing the same process for the rest of the folders.

Notice how each folder corresponds to a Vocaloid library. In the image, it shows this folder is for LEON.

Simply do the same process of converting the INSTALLED value to 2.

Here’s a guide of the folder names and their corresponding Vocaloid library:

Note: You must also do it for the default folder no matter what.


3- DATABASE > VOICE folders:

Finally, do the same for the folders under the VOICE folder for each Vocaloid library you own. Change the INSTALLED value to 2.

Step 4

Close regedit, restart your PC and open VOCALOID.

The voice banks should be installed.


I lost my activation counts from various hard drive failures throughout the years. While Zero-G is generous enough to hand over new codes, I feel bad because that new code could be sold to someone else who doesn’t own Leon or Lola yet. Basically, I rather have people buy new codes than Zero-G giving them out for free as a replacement.



8 months ago