Fangirl Story

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I had an epiphany that I should just drop this song today. Seeing that the PV I’m working on is going nowhere plus I don’t think I can sleep at night knowing I published derpy-looking stuff.

This is a song that I’ve been working on and off since late 2015. It all started when I thought of “What if a Vocaloid original song about being a BL fangirl?” and what if Sonika sang it?

I tried my hand in composing and here we are.

PS: Please don’t post this song on Vocaloid Amino (English), they have a policy prohibiting yaoi topics and rightfully so.


It all began with satisfying curiosity

Then, suddenly I find myself in already deep

Every chapter, every scene, it pulls me

Well, it all began with just one look-

Now I wanna see more~

My BL fantasy!

I wonder what’s today’s chapter?

Will they ****? Or won’t they?

Waiting’s such a great pain!

I need more, I need to know!

One by one I buy the books

and merchandise, can’t get enough!

Side by side, I see them all

My favourites! It never ends!

I could live on yawee~

It brings me, magical fantasic bliss!

So good, so lewd!

I’ll always ask for more!

Every chapter, every scene, it thrills me

Well, if I could have one special wish

My OTP comes true!

This is my life, all hail yawee!

I wish it never ends!

Yawee’s love, yawee is my life!

Going deeper.

My story as a fangirl

(she’s massive fangirl of BL and pretty boys!)

(she’s massive fangirl of BL and pretty boys!)

2 years ago