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Here’s a video of me drawing Aliza! Aliza is a robot maid that cleans up Kiel Hyre Robot Factory.

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Also I’m testing RedBubble’s new button pin products. I ordered one for myself and I’m sure to make a review once I get it.

HQ image and extras available on Patreon.

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For this image, I offer the following:

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Random rambling:

Always wondered how to pronounce Aliza. Is it Ah-lee-za or Ah-lie-za. Well turns out if we follow the original Korean name “엘리자”, the TTS audio sounds close to eh-li-za.

(screenshot from Papago)

This is like the Fabre pronunciation discourse again, whether if it was pronounced fah-bre or fay-bre. (answer it’s close to fah-bre).



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