UTAU journey in 2020

Guess who’s doing some real clown shit in 2020.

I made a bunch of recordings back in late 2019. With no solid idea on how to configure voicebanks, I just played around with a lot of painful trial and error just to make it sing something comprehensible.

Today, I deleted the config file and decided to start fresh.

Additionally, I ordered a Samson Go microphone. It was recommended to me ‘coz of the price-quality ratio. I am eventually rerecording samples once I get it.

Though I think not so much about the price since it’s still being sold for full retail price here in New Zealand. If I were to buy the cheap/on sale listings on amazon—and assuming they ship to NZ, the cost would be roughly the same after shipping and taxes.

I’m expecting the microphone in 2-3 weeks (or even more) ‘coz of the current lockdown in NZ.

I’m still configuring this old recording for practice. Thinking of doing 20-25 entries a day to make it less stressful.

Anyway here’s what I currently have:

First song demo, “Doraemon Theme Song” – May 14, 2020

UST file credit: Kenbi

Been busy doing art commissions lately but managed to squeeze in some time to do more configurations. I have configured a lot of CV samples so far, let’s hear how it sounds. Once I get some VC configurations done, I’ll make it sing something in Tagalog.

Previous updates:

“N, Ng, P, R, S” – May 9, 2020

“H, J, K, L, M” – May 8, 2020

“Vowels, B, D, F, and G” – May 07, 2020

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