Hey, it’s been a while since I made Talkloids.

Now I’m gonna make a plea for support in this post. As you can see, Talkloids like the one you watched above take some time and effort to make.

I mostly do everything in my Talkloids. The script, the voice tuning, the mixing, the art, and the animation. The only things I outsource are bgm (courtesy of Kevin MacLeod) and sound effects from

A few years back, I had less things to worry about so I could casually make Talkloids.

Now that I have more responsibilities to attend to, it’s been difficult producing these. I find myself dedicating more of my time hustling commissions for some extra income.

So I’m asking for your support if you wish to see more Talkloid content from me.

I have a Patreon set up for people wishing to support my works.

The less I worry about my source of income, the more time I can dedicate producing Talkloids for your entertainment.

I have two tiers at the moment.

$1 Tier – Supporter

Early access and production notes.

$5 Tier – Sponsor

Perks of the $1 tier and your name on the credits of my Talkloids as a sponsor.

If I can make a minimum of $100 a month, I can guarantee a short talkloid per month. The more pledges I get, the more time I can dedicate–potentially increasing the production value and extending the short.

Where does the money go?

1.) For my personal expenses. I hustle commissions for extra income. If somehow I get at least $100 a month from generous Patrons, that’s at least 1-2 commissions off my workload and more time dedicating my effort in doing Talkloids!

2.) To pay for tools or services that I might need to improve my Talkloids.

For example, I want to include some accurate Spanish dialogue in my Talkloids. For that, I would like to consult a native speaker for authenticity. Of course they will be compensated, so that’s why I would need some funds.

Tools could be additional software or hardware that can improve my production value.

So, if you wish to help me producing Talkloids please consider signing up for my Patreon by clicking here!


2 years ago

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