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Title: 14720 (Alt. title: Fourteen Seven Twenty)
Music/Lyrics: Chorvaqueen
Vocals: Tonio


Going to do something unprecedented, today.
I’ll sing a song I wrote last night, yeah. (laughs)
It’s not the best but-
I want to show something for my supporters.

Just uh, going to load the backing track.
Here goes..

Hm? Is this on?
(Oh good, good.)

[Part 1]
On this day, is my day.
It’s my 10th anniversary!
I know, the lyrics, are so shallow
Bear with me, as I sing this song
Ready. Ready? Here we go!

My milestones have been
made possible, all because of you
All the love, all the joy,
The memories deserve to be treasured and cherished
And I’m, so thankful to all
Through all the thirst and the memes you make.
Thank you!

Honestly a bit nervous singing here.
Lyrics are a bit of cringe, I know, I know but uh-
Just uh, trying to keep a light mood. You know? (laughs)
Ah everyone still following?
Second part, here we go!

[Part 2]
I thank all people who joined along
in this crazy long journey
The ride never ends and we’ll drink to that-
For ten years more, forever, carry on, let’s go!

[Talkloid outro]
It’s been that long huh?
I can’t thank you all…enough.
For the support throughout the years.
Thank you.

The making of the PV:

[to be updated]
4 years ago