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I’ve been eyeing this Tonio keychain on @late_fl‘s store some time ago.

Store link:

I knew Buyee can proxy buy stuff from Booth, but I wasn’t sure about the cost and if I can justify the fees for a small item.

I estimated I’ll be paying around 200%-300% in proxy+shipping+tax fees importing this 12~ USD charm from Japan to New Zealand.

Until some time ago I could justify splurging a bit for my upcoming birthday that is.

My not-so-early-birthday-haul. Started ordering these in July because of the pandemic-related delays.

Buying from

Tonio acrylic keychain design by @late_fl.

Buyee seems to have partnered with booth so you’ll conveniently see their banner on the product page. Buyee will make you install a browser extension that lets you shop at certain Japanese sites as if you’re directly shopping on it.

If you’re buying a keychain or an acrylic stand on Booth, it’s likely a made-to-order product so keep that in mind!

I placed an order on July 10 (late night NZ time), my order was processed a few hours later.

Manufacturing and delivery:

Getting the keychain manufactured and shipped to Buyee’s warehouse took almost 3 weeks. Got a bit nervous thinking I might not get it in time before my free shipping coupon expires lol.

Cost breakdown:

Keychain:  1270 JPY – The cost of the item itself.

Buyee fee: 300 JPY – Proxy fee

Lite Plan:  0 JPY – Additional service like inspection or insurance. I chose none.

Domestic shipping: 340 JPY – The cost to ship the keychain to Buyee’s warehouse.

TOTAL (so far) : 1910 JPY or 27 NZD or 18 USD (approximate)

Since I was splurging a bit for my early birthday present, I ordered other things from different stores. Had to pay a 1000 JPY consolidation fee to combine all of my orders.

Fee starts at 500 JPY for 2 packages then caps at 1000 JPY for 3 items and more.


The keychain came in a bubble mailer.

If I were to order just a single keychain from a artist (manufactured via PixivFactory) through Buyee, I expect to pay around 1,290 JPY + 15% GST on top of the item price. This is assuming I use registered airmail to New Zealand.


Not cheap so be prepared.

Expect to pay around 150-200% of the item’s price if using Buyee as a proxy service.

If you really want that obscure piece of merch for your obscure favourite, this might be the last resort.

Take advantage of Buyee’s coupons to reduce cost if you can. Those 300 JPY per order fees will pile up fast. Consider ordering from multiple artists in one go to save up on consolidation fees.

I’ve been suggested different proxy services but I’m not sure if they accept purchases. If I ever want something from again, I might use a different proxy service and write about it!

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