Some Blog Update I Guess

Hey just a quick post about me if anyone bothers to check this site.

Today, I just got a proper internet connection. The past few days I’ve been suffering with limited mobile data.

A few days ago we just moved in to a new place and as of this post I am still surrounded by unsorted boxes.

Here is a makeshift workstation I’m occupying.

A lot of things happened during the last month of 2020 and early months of 2021. Overcame a few setbacks beyond my control although I am still reeling from some of them.

I’m almost going through half of the year and I’m still not certain about what I want to do for this year, it’s not the best feeling at all.

Living in New Zealand for almost 2 years, there are some things I still find odd to this day. But overall, I’m glad to finally afford a few liberties I couldn’t back in the Philippines.

Parking in central Auckland is a nightmare. Rent is crazy expensive. A glorified shed-turned-bedroom-for-rent could easily cost roughly 300 USD (400~NZD) not including utilities.

There are a lot of things I miss from the Philippines and I’m glad there are dedicated Filipino stores here. I definitely miss Eng Bee Tin hopia but it’s quite a luxury here with the import prices.

Anyway enough about my living conditions, just gonna say lately I’m in Genshin Impact hell. It’s a nice game that I can either play casually or hardcore depending on my free time.


3 years ago