Finally it happened to me!

…no not talking about the viral laundry detergent ad from the Philippines.

Last night I came across a listing of Genshin Impact stickers on Aliexpress and I found my artwork stolen.

I found at least two listings with my art in it with one of them already having at least 124 sales at dirt cheap prices.

I suspect these sellers ran a photo scraping bot that collects RedBubble thumbnails to be printed as stickers. They’re in shit quality at 600px 72dpi. Not that the sellers care about quality NOR the 124 people who bought these stickers though.

The listing on RedBubble:

(You can buy this sticker here)

Gonna confess I don’t have a thick skin when it comes to seeing my stuff stolen so I decided for the peace of my mind…

I renamed my Genshin Impact listings with silly names to obfuscate them from search. It’s gonna kill my source of traffic but maybe I’ll be able to sleep at night knowing they’ll offer a bit of protection.

Finding out my art being stolen and sold is depressing but I feel incredibly powerless against these thieves. Asking a takedown in China is like talking to a wall. They have zero fucks.

Although to be fair when I decided to draw Genshin Impact stuff, I had to tell myself to prepare for the worst since I’m like playing with fire.

For the longest time I actively avoided drawing “popular” things because I know it’s just a sure way of getting my stuff stolen. I will never have peace.

However should I try to draw said “popular things”, I could see myself potentially getting more engagement than drawing an obscure singing robot mascot.

Anyway please do not support this listing and please consider going to my store instead!


3 years ago