August 2021 Blog

Today I checked the mail only to find dumb Covid conspiracy propaganda garbage. These people don’t know how good they have it here.

I think the NZ government should do an exchange program. Kick Covid deniers out of the country and let someone deserving come in. I’m sure these deniers will appreciate the “freedom” they want by letting them out.

I don’t blog as often I should anymore, not because I lack time but mostly the motivation.

Anyway just a few weeks more and I’m officially staying in New Zealand for two years. Sure doesn’t feel like 2 years have passed.

I found this in an Asian grocery and I feel regret. Sorry to say it tastes like sour cardboard.

Finally living on our own means I have to be the one cooking meals most of the time. In my experience so far in cooking some dishes, it feels like the ingredients are the same and the only thing I change is the broth.

I could gather the ingredients for chicken curry but replace coconut milk with tomato sauce then add some sausage slices and I’ll effectively have afritada instead.

chicken afritada
3 years ago