Clip Studio Paint Android Files

Warning: strong language ahead


I’m writing this post as a personal guide on where to find Clip Studio Paint for Android’s (CSPA) time lapse videos because they aren’t making it easy to retrieve from the phone.


CSPA file management implementation is so FUCKING infuriating.

Anyway TL;DR quick guide of getting your videos out in 2 ways.

Method 1: Share, not save.

requirements: Have a social media account or a Google Drive account.

Then there will be a prompt on where to share your video. You can directly upload to your preferred social media or to Google Drive.

Method 2: Deep Dive

requirements: USB cable + PC or a file manager app that can see actual app installation folders

Open your phone’s directory (depends on where you install your apps: internal or SD card storage)

Go to [Phone Name] > Phone > Android > data and you should find folders with names that usually reads like “” , keep scrolling until you find something with “celsys.clipstudiopaint”. I downloaded CSPA from the Samsung Galaxy store so it’s has a slightly different name.

Open that folder and go to “Files > Documents” and you should be seeing this:

Transfer the files to your PC.


2 years ago

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