Nendoroid Aether Review


I reviewed Nendoroid Lumine in a previous post here, now it’s time for her brother Aether!

Price: 58.99 USD (95~ NZD) from Goodsmile’s online shop

All the parts taken out from the box.

Initial impressions:

I noticed some minor paint issues on Aether’s hair. At first I thought they’re just specks of dust but they’re tiny holes 🙁

Nothing much to write about the faceplates since the Traveller in game isn’t exactly very expressive. I think they nailed the “bland”  expressions too well.

Breakdown shots & Nitpicking:

Taking apart Aether’s hair was way easier than Lumine, at least for my copy. Also I actually forgot that Aether has a long braid on the back, I just don’t see it often in-game and I picked Lumine as my traveller.

Also I’ve tried pulling his little idiot hair (tutchang) with some force and I think it’s permanently bonded. I thought it’s removable like some past Nendoroids but I guess not.

I personally find it a bit difficult to secure his neck joint in his body, the flimsy nature of his cape doesn’t help. But I think this nitpick is universal with almost any Nendoroid with a removable scarf/cape clothing. (example1) (example 2)

A breakdown of his body area:

His cape comes in 2 parts actually, the front part is detachable and allows some movement. Unfortunately mine seems a bit loose with the front part.

Aether doesn’t have head tilting issues like Lumine thankfully.

Arm and hand parts:

Almost identical to Lumine’s set except Aether comes with an extra part for holding hands with his sister. They gotta upsell you the other twin somehow.

Aether holds the sword on his right hand, Lumine does it on her left.

It’s a bit underwhelming at first but since he comes with 2 sets of shoulders, it should allow some more variations in posing the arms.

Obligatory Aether T-pose.

Aether also comes with wind gliders like Lumine, he sports the “Wind of First Flight” gliders you get from completing Amber’s quest.

Comes with a peg extension like Lumine’s gliders:

I think the peg extension is permanently bonded on the gliders as well. Being removable seems very impractical.

Final thoughts:

I originally wanted to get just Lumine since I picked her as my traveller in-game but I just had this sinking feeling that I’m going to regret that decision.

My copy of Aether came with a few paint issues on his hair but it’s not a very big deal breaker. Just a bit disheartened how it kinda confirms the stuff I read about GSC’s QC going downhill over time.

Like Lumine, Aether did not come with any other effect cutouts. I wish they did especially for Aether since him doing a Windblade move is kind of a meme itself thanks to his English voice actor.

Bonus pic:

I think my Aether came with an extra weapon part?


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