Nendoroid Lumine Review

Announced in November 2021 and released on July 2022!
Hoyoverse (Mihoyo) has started their venture in giving their Genshin Impact characters a Nendoroid treatment with the twin travellers.

I bought the twins from Goodsmile’s online shop directly since almost every legitimate distributor was sold out just hours after pre-order announcement.

Pretty straightforward ordering, these were 58.99 USD (almost 95 NZD) each then I paid a flat fee of 18USD shipping to New Zealand. It took around 11 days for my order to arrive.

For this review, I’ll be showcasing Lumine!

These are all her parts included in the box including the manual.

Initial impressions:

I immediately noticed the lack of extra parts which seems to be a trend with recent Nendoroid releases.

Either Nendoroid prices would go up or would stay the same average but with less parts. I think these Genshin Impact Nendoroids are a bit on the pricey range for the parts they offer.

Breakdown shots & Nitpicking:

Taking apart her hair was really difficult, my fingers would sometimes slide and hit the pointy bits of her hair.

An extra caution for those experiencing the same tight hair piece problem, some Nendoroids might have really pointy hair parts that could hurt.

I don’t think there’s any movable parts in Lumine’s hair so don’t try to pry stuff that’s sticking out.

Which brings me to this design flaw:

Her hair limits arm movement!

You’re gonna have to be a bit creative how to get around this limitation.

Next is her main body:

Seems like a standard way of segmenting Nendoroid bodies so nothing unusual.

Her scarf is actually made of 3 parts:

I really like the metallic gold finish, it’s so pretty.

However, it has a slight problem with posing the figure:

I can’t raise Lumine’s head too much or it will knock the scarf peg off her back. For some reason the peg is a bit loose too which is unfortunate.

Now for the arm and hand parts:

This is kind of a mixed bag since at first it looks like she doesn’t have much arm and hand options but if you look closely, you can do a bunch of combinations!

Comes with 2 sets of shoulder parts that offers some arm angle variations.

She comes with 3 hands, two open hands as default and one hand for holding a sword. I think the hand options are a bit lacking.

Personally I feel like there’s less arm and hand parts overall but at the same time I’m not the type who keeps posing Nendoroids all the time.

You can at least give her a T-pose? lol.

By the way, Lumine comes with the Wings of Companionship. These wings are given in-game once you start (sent to players through mail).


The wings come with a built-in peg extension to accommodate the space you need to wear it. The peg extension connects to the stand.

Unfortunately my copy of this Nendoroid seems to have shoddy stand joints. I can’t lift Lumine high enough because the stand joints will slide down.

So moving her back and making her a bit more grounded with the stand was the compromise.

You can also pose Lumine holding hands her brother but you’ll have to buy Aether because he comes with the holding hands part.

Final thoughts:

I’m just happy to get my hands on Genshin Impact merch. It’s a bit ironic for a game that got quite big and mainstream on launch, legit merch is a bit hard to come by here in New Zealand. (to be fair living at the far end of the world comes with a few drawbacks).

I think the price to parts ratio is a bit on the pricey range for this.

The paintjob is ok-average at most with some tiny rough blobs on some seams. You’ll only see them if you stare at the figure like 10cm close to your face.

As mentioned earlier, swapping faceplaces are a bit of a hassle but thankfully I don’t change my Nendoroid parts often.

I was hoping this would come with a transparent cutout of their iconic Windblade skill effect but I don’t think I found any inserts in the box.

Bonus pic:

Lumine had enough.

2 years ago

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