Free Offline Vending Guide


  • Lv. 40
  • Do a quest (weekly cooldown) or pay zeny (unlimited).


Ability to offline vend or buy without paying for a cash item or opening a VIP box.

One of these depending on the difficulty or zeny paid:

  • Lv1 – Consignment Merchant Envelope – Sell 3 items.
  • Lv1 – Personal Shopper Envelope – Buy 3 items.
  • Lv2 – Consignment Merchant Envelope – Sell 4 items.
  • Lv2 – Personal Shopper Envelope – Buy 4 items.
  • Lv3 – Consignment Merchant Envelope Sell 5 items.
  • Lv3 – Personal Shopper Envelope – Buy 5 items.

Notes & Warnings:

  • The envelopes have no class restriction and are storageable (iRO).
  • The envelopes once opened are account bound.
  • The envelope timer runs even during server downtime/maintenance.
  • You need to afford carrying the items you intend to sell or buy. Cart items DO NOT work.
  • You can only do one quest per character per week regardless of difficulty. However you can buy the offline vending/buyer envelopes as much as you want.
  • You can only offline vend with one character PER account.
  • You can only offline buy with one character PER account.
  • You CAN run both offline vendor AND buyer PER account.


Go to Alberta merchant guild, once inside the building turn right until you enter this room:

Talk to the blonde lady NPC to either get a quest or buy the vend/buy envelope.

You can get a free offline vending or buyer envelope by doing a weekly quest or by outright buying the scroll for zeny.

If you choose the free route, the NPC will assign you a random quest. If the quest is too difficult, just cancel the quest and take another one. Once you’ve done the task come back to this NPC to claim your free offline vendor or buyer envelope. You can do this quest again after 7 days per character.

Beginner Level – 500,000 zeny or get assigned any of these quests:

  • Deliver to Prontera sheep Blacksmith area –  /navi prt_in 56/58
  • Deliver to Morroc sheep – North Kafra area – /navi morocc 162/257
  • Deliver to Al De Baran sheep – inside the Inn – /navi aldeba_in 97/54
  • Deliver to Payon sheep – Blacksmith area – /navi payon 141/174
  • Deliver to Comodo sheep – Weapon Shop – /navi cmd_in01 126/171

Normal Level – 1,000,000 zeny or get assigned any of these quests:

    • Go to Prontera Culvert F3 and find Murian. You need to complete the Culvert Entrance Quest or use the Dungeon Teleporter at Eden HQ to bypass that requirement.

Expert Level: 2,000,000 zeny or get assigned any of these quests:

  • Kill 3 Biolabs 3 monsters of the same kind (random)
      • Cecil Damon
      • Eremes Guile
      • Margaretha Solin
      • Seyren Windsor
      • Katheryn Keyron
      • Howard Alt-Eisen

    Note: You need to do the Biolabs Entrance quest to access these monsters. In iRO, you can bypass that with the Dungeon Teleporter at Eden HQ.

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