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Finally got around to build my about me page, still a bit shabby but better than nothing.

Anyway, hi I’m chorva. I think I’ve been on the internet since 2006.
This is my tiny space on the internet, enjoy your stay.

Born in the Philippines, currently living in New Zealand. I mostly draw and tinker with things that interest me.

Singing Robots

Discovered Vocaloid in 2011 and it made my life hell.

I mostly do song covers and make singing robots talk. I sometimes dab in original song production and making remixes.

Favourite Vocaloids: Tonio and Leon. i swear this is a coincidence

[Covers Playlist] [Originals and Remixes]
Ragnarok Online

Started playing this game since I was in 6th grade. My first server was pRO – Lydia. Now currently playing in iRO – Chaos.

Crusaders are my favourite class but I’m currently maining a bow-type Shadow Chaser.

I have a Twitter account mainly for RO-related tweets and rambling!

RO gets a separate section because I love this game so much.

Other games

Valkyrie Profile: I love this timeline mess of a game.

Mega Man: My favourite game from the franchise is Mega Man Legends 2

Monster Hunter World [PC]: I’m a one-trick Light Bowgun medic. Currently playing post-story mode in Iceborne.

Overwatch: Sometimes I just turn my brain off and play a shooter game. Favourite heroes: Sombra, Widowmaker, Orisa, Moira, Brigitte

80s movies and music

Most of my favourite movies come from the 80s. Electric Dreams, Back to the Future franchise, Mannequin.

When it comes to music, I like stuff from Giorgio Moroder and the new wave & italo disco hits that invaded Philippine airwaves.


I used to actively collect Nendoroid figures. I still do but only if I really want the character.

MyFigureCollection Profile

My OC, Chorvabot (creative name, I know).



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Please don’t.

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Check my commission page or Twitter for slot status.

Where are the Tonio lewds?

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