New Site!

Finally set up a dedicated site for my works, plus a shorter URL!
3 years ago

Art Raffle

Every now and then this page becomes active when there’s a raffle going on.

Current Raffle:

05/01 to 05/15 6pm NZ time (GMT+12)


To enter:

  1. Follow Chorvaqueen on Twitter.
  2. Retweet this post. (Retweets must be public or it won’t count)
  3. Stan Tonio

Raffle rules/mechanics:

  • 1 winner will be randomly selected on draw date.
  • 200+ retweets: 1 more winner will be randomly selected.
  • Might add more depending on the number of RTs.
  • DMs must be open on draw date. If winner doesn’t respond within 24 hours I will pick a new one, sorry.
  • Please no giveaway/side accounts!
4 years ago


New illustration! Robot maid Aliza from Ragnarok Online.
4 years ago

Art Archive #1

Digging up some old art to repost, the series.
4 years ago

2019 Art Summary

2019 art summary is up and finally made an archive post!
4 years ago

Draw Log #2

Another sketch dump from yours truly! Slight NSFW warning.
4 years ago