Counting Coins

There are many ways to enjoyably waste afternoons, and this is one of them.
3 years ago

Do you ever just

C:\Users\User>tracert C:\Users\User>del /f self
3 years ago


We can't have nice things.
Bye, I'm moving to RO:Restart.
3 years ago


pls look at my cat i love her


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hi I’m chorva. I think I’ve been on the internet since 2006.
This is my tiny space on the internet, enjoy your stay.

Temporary about page until I clean this page properly.

For Twitter stuff:

Personal Twitter: @toniosuccs
I spam a lot about Tonio, ramble about food, and rant about PH politics every now and then.
I occasionally translate Tagalog shitposts.

Language: Tagalog / English
Pronouns: She/her, they is fine (there are no gendered pronouns in Tagalog)
I guess I should list

3 years ago


So far, I have the essential plugins installed but I can't remember what else I used.

Then again if I can't remember it, I was probably not using it anyway so it will be a waste of space. Plus points if it's a really old plugin, so could be bad for security.
3 years ago

a post that’s actually not a test post!

I figured I should finally write something else now.

There's nothing really interesting about me at the moment lol but I guess I can write about some stuff I did last month.
3 years ago

this is another test post

intentionally written longer than the rest of my posts so I can test some plugins and layout settings.

Don’t mind me typing random things here ok.

I had some leftover chocolate cake this evening, it was good.

I can’t find my cat today.

3 years ago