RO Trade post

I’m trading art for RO items.

How it works:

I’ll draw one character for each/any of the items listed here. If you think it’s a good deal, hit me up on my RO Twitter or forums account.

btw I’m on iRO-Chaos server, so please take note of that.


  • +15 Crimson Bow [2] – with 2x AK cards or clean
  • +15 Holy Crimson Katar [2] – with 2x AK cards or clean
  • +15 Neutral Crimson Katar [2] – with 2x AK cards or clean
  • +7 Enforcer Shoes
  • +7 Malicious Shadow Set
  • +7 Shoes of Punishment
  • Excalibur with good enchants
1 year ago


New illustration! Robot maid Aliza from Ragnarok Online.
2 years ago

RO Log #8

My Greed Blacksmith setup on a budget. Be a professional garbage collector in RO!
3 years ago

RO Log #7

Doing quests instead of paying real money for a bunch of cosmetic pixels.
4 years ago