RO Log #9

Holy backlog batman! This is a pic dump post full of backlogs.
3 weeks ago

RO Log #8

My Greed Blacksmith setup on a budget. Be a professional garbage collector in RO!
1 year ago

RO Log #7

Doing quests instead of paying real money for a bunch of cosmetic pixels.
2 years ago

RO Log #6

Hopping on a different Ragnarok game for the meantime
2 years ago

RO Log #5

I've been passively levelling here since god knows when. /heh
2 years ago

RO Log #4

It's been a while since my last post oops.
2 years ago

RO Log #3

Crazy weekend.
Doing a quick server hop back to pRO Thor
2 years ago

RO Log #2

2nd post! Got some zeny and the temptation to buy those dumb-looking costumes is too strong gosh darn it.
2 years ago

RO Log #1

First post! Chorva tries Ragnarok Restart.
I'm starting a mini RO gaming log series.
2 years ago