my fanart dump

My works from 2012 to present.

This is normally not a visible page, I’m just putting this here as a reference whenever I report art theft on Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram. I’m really tired of people stealing my artworks!

Title: Mini Dex n Daina

Title: Dex

Title: Dex and Daina

Title: Repent


Title: Gaze


Title: Palette Test

Title: Ice Field

Title: Point

Title: Glare

Title: Cutie

Title: Trio

Title: ToniLeon Halloween

Title: Sparkle

Title: Summer Tony

Title: Demon Tony

Title: sexy tony


Title: my birthday gift to samidare_siki

Title: the wolf boy

Title: bl fantasy

Title: sonika portrait

Title: tonio 6th anniversary

Title: miriam anniversary 2016

Title: cyber mini

Title: aesthetic man

Title: tonio shirt

Title: tonio shirt 2

Title: bruno commission

Title: tony glasses

Title: Hipster Tony

Title: Tony Portrait

Title: Bishounen Tony