RO Loot Bible

I sell low/mid-level monster loot as a pastime in RO. I’ve made a personal list of items and their possible loot value. If you find this helpful, that’s great!

SpriteTypeNamePurpose / QuestSuggested Farming Method
Etc.Jellopy10000x Orc Hero Helm Quest
300x New World Quest
200x Angeling pet evolution
Equip a Marin-carded accessory
and mob easy-to-kill monsters.
Etc.Maneater Blossom2x Plant Bottle Brewing
40x Eden Collect Mission (Lv 56-70)
Geographers at Juno Field 12.
Small map, high spawns.
ConsumableGreen Salad1x Royal Banquet SidequestSara's Memory instance drop.
Lunakaligo + kill Plant monsters.
Etc.Resin30x Super Novice Job QuestElder Willows at Mt. Mjolnir 02
Etc.Sticky Mucus30x Super Novice Job QuestOrc Zombies at Orc Dungeon 1
Penomenas(alde_dun03)for extra loot value
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Disclaimer: Actual in-game data might be different and may change without notice. This database is for iRO Renewal server.
References: iRO DB | Divine Pride
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