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Hey there, you probably arrived on this page because you clicked a banner or a link.
Thank you for your interest in supporting Chorvaworld!

Here are some ways to support this site:

  • Add to your adblock whitelist. This really helps even a bit. The ads I place here aren’t intrusive–I swear.
  • Add my Youtube to your adblock whitelist as well. For uBlock Origin users, here’s how.
  • By not reposting my artworks/content, you are seriously helping me a lot already. If you really want to share my works, please share the post link instead!
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  • When I offer downloads for my stuff, there will be two links leading to the same file. One is ad-sponsored and other is a plain direct link. The sponsored link will only take 5-6 seconds of your time but every click counts and will help me.
  • Check out my RedBubble shop and see if there’s something you like.
  • If you like my blog and work, you can also send a tip here!
  • NEW! I now have a Patreon as an alternative tip jar. Patrons will also have access to previews, WIPs, illustration notes and even illustration source files! More details here.

Where does the revenue go?

For the sake of transparency, here are my common expenditures.

  • Website upkeep. I pay a yearly fee to keep my site domain and hosting active since 2011.
  • Funding personal projects.
  • Tools and upgrades. (usually software keys)
  • Books and study materials to improve my craft.
  • When possible, I also use the money to support other artists. For example, some Vocaloid producers on Bandcamp.
  • My cat